Election Commission, Election Secretariat, Sarana Mawatha, Rajagiriya, Sri Lanka. 10107


In terms of the Articl's 103-104 in chapter XIV of the Constitution of Democratic Socialist of Sri Lanka. The Election Commission consists of three members appointed by the President on the recommendation of the Constitutional Council, from amongst persons who have distinguished themselves in any profession or in the fields of administration or education. One of the members so appointed is a retired officer of the Department of Elections, who has held office of Deputy Commissioner of Elections or above. The term of office of the member is five years from the date of appointment

President appoints one of the members on the recommendation of the Constitutional Council.

(i)         When such person is elected as a Member of Parliament, member of a Provincial Council or a Councillor of local authority.

(ii)        When he/she is appointed as a judicial officer or a public officer

(iii)       Employed or entered in to the public service in whatever capacity

(iv)       A member of the Commission is removed from office in the manner a Supreme Court Judge or an Appeal Court Judge is removed

(v)        Upon a request made to the President by a member

(vi)       Convicted upon an offence of defamation of character or subjected to civic disability upon a resolution under Article 8

(vii)      A member of the Commission absents himself/ herself from three consecutive meetings of the Commission without obtaining prior leave of the Commission with effect from the date of the third of such meeting

 (i)        Ensure that all qualified citizens exercise their franchise in secret, without any fear, at elections conducted freely and fairly

(ii)        Ensure that every citizen understands the franchise as an inalienable right and is actively participating  in the process of an election

(iii)       Ensure that all candidates enjoy equal and equitable opportunities

(iv)       Ensure that an updated electoral register with the inclusion of all qualified voters is used for all elections

(v)        Ensure that all citizens of marginal social conditions adequately participate in the election process with credibility

(vi)       Ensure that the process of election is efficiently and transparently administered

(vii)      Ensure that data and information on the electoral process under the Election Commission are made available to the concerned stakeholders