Election Commission, Election Secretariat, Sarana Mawatha, Rajagiriya, Sri Lanka. 10107


01:1 Information to reserve the Circuit Bungalow can be obtained by contacting the Administrative Officer of the Election Commission three weeks prior to the date required. Once the relevant application is duly filled and the prescribed payment is made the bungalow will be allocated to the relevant party. Payments can also be made to any Election Office. Administrative Officer can be contacted over the phone dialing (+94) 113083371 or information can also be obtained through the general telephone number of the Election Commission (+94) 112868441-42.

01:2 Duly perfected applications together with a photocopy of the paying receipt should be hand delivered or faxed to the Elections Secretariat.

01:3 Submission of the relevant application to the Administrative Officer by a fax will facilitate you to reserve the Circuit Bungalow.

01:4 Your copy of the letter, which has confirmed your booking by considering your application, has to be obtained by enquiring the Administrative Officer and reservation can be made by forwarding it to the caretaker Mr. R.G.R.M. Bandara of the Circuit Bungalow.

01:5 Priority will be given to the staff of the Election Commission in reserving the Circuit Bungalow for April, August and December months of every year.

01:6 Pillows, bed sheets, Blankets necessary for your accommodation will be provided to you together with all equipment including cooking utensils, refrigerators, gas cookers etc.

No. of Rooms – 2

Maximum Occupancy of a room – 3

For employees of the Election Commission – Rs. 1000.00

For Government / Semi Government Employees – Rs. 2000.00

For other parties – Rs. 5000.00

Name of the caretaker – Mr. R.G.R.M. Bandara

02:1 Rates given above are for a day and cleaning charges are not included in the rates. Rs. 200.00 is charged for cleaning. It should be paid to the caretaker of the Circuit Bungalow.

02:2 Kitchen utensils, refrigerator, gas and cooker will be provided to the occupants and Rs.200.00 will be charged for gas, fuel and electricity. This has to be paid to the caretaker.

02:3 Payments can be made at the head office and at any Election Office in the island.

02:4 If reservations have to be cancelled due to an urgent need of the Election Commission or the Government, fee for the Circuit Bungalow charged by the Commission will be refunded.

03:1 Persons other than those who are listed on the confirmation of booking are not allowed to occupy the Circuit Bungalow.

03:2 If the applicant is unable to occupy the circuit due to some unavoidable circumstances during the period of reservation, the Administrative Officer of the Election Commission should be informed 7 days before the reservation date. The application can be considered for re-reservation any time available before the end of the calendar year.

03:3 It is the responsibility of the occupants who have obtained due permission to stay in the bungalow to keep safe everything in the premises, building and all that is in the building. The applicant should pay for the damages to any property of the Circuit Bungalow during the stay.

03:4 If any complaint is received against the applicant or any other occupant of the Bungalow, the particular applicant is not allowed to occupy the bungalow in future.

03:5 Holding of functions or parties in the Circuit Bungalow is strictly prohibited.

03:6 If the applicant is not willing to use the kitchen of the Circuit Bungalow, he/she may obtain the necessary food and drinks from outside, after informing the caretaker.

03:7 It is compulsory to obtain a receipt for the payments/ made to the caretaker of the Circuit Bungalow.

03:8 Decent and disciplined behavior in the Circuit Bungalow is always expected and it is the responsibility of the occupants to handle this property with due care since this is a Government property.