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Offences in connection with all elections are mentioned in Ceylon Penal Code and in  Parliamentary Acts. Offences are common to all elections, and only the number of the sections in the Acts are different. Election offences fall into several categories



From impersonation up to the defacing and destroying of ballot papers and displaying the marked ballot, fall under election offences. A person found guilty to any of these offences is subject to imprisonment not exciding 2 years and become  incapable of civil rights for a period of seven years.


Corrupt Practices

Bribery, treating and undue influence fall under this category. Penalty  is Rs. 300/- fine and such person may be subject to incapacity for 3 years.


Illegal Practices

Election expenditure, fake news reports and practices related to printing fall under this category. Punishment is a fine of Rs. 300/-  and may be subject  to loss  of civil rights for 3 years.

There are procedures laid down in the election laws in relation to calling for nominations, receipt of nominations, rejections, poll day procedures, casting of vote, polling stations, counting of votes, declaration of results, election petitions etc.