Election Commission, Election Secretariat, Sarana Mawatha, Rajagiriya, Sri Lanka. 10107


01:1 Information to reserve the circuit bungalow can be obtained by contacting the Administrative Officer of the Elections Secretariat three weeks prior to the date required. Once the relevant application is duly filled and the prescribed payment is made the bungalow will be allocated to the relevant party. The telephone numbers of the Administrative Officer are as follows.

011-2868441-3 (General Office) - Extension 459

011-2074599 (Office)

01:2 To make a reservation, you will need to submit a photocopy of the payment receipt attached to the application as Annexure I, and submit the application to the Head Office or by fax to 011-2868450

01:3 Confirming that the application submitted by fax has been received by the Administrative Officer will make it easier for you to reserve the circuit bungalow on the due date

01:4 Your copy of the letter, which granting approval to stay at the Circuit Bungalow on the date/ dates as per your application should be obtained from the Administrative Officer and it can be submitted to the officer assigned as Caretaker of the circuit bungalow and accommodation can be arranged for the relevant dates.

No. of Rooms – 02

The maximum number that can be stayed in a room - 03

Officers / Employees of the Election Commission (Total rent per day) – Rs. 2000.00

Officers / Employees of other Government and Semi Government Institutions – Rs. 4000.00

Nuwara Eliya Election Office Premises

02:1 Rs.2,000.00 / - should be paid per day to reserve the complete house for the staff of the Election Commission and for the officers and employees who have retired from the public service after having served in the Election Commission (former the Department of Elections) for at least 05 years and Rs. 4,000.00 / - should be paid for officers / employees of government and semi government institutions. For external parties Rs. 7,500.00/- should be paid

02:2 Beds, pillows, sheets, pillowcases and blankets are provided. These cleaning fees are not included in the circuit bungalow charges. Therefore, as a cleaning fee for used items of the bungalow, a fee of Rs. 500.00 should be paid to the caretaker of the circuit bungalow

02:3 The circuit bungalow provides all the kitchen utensils needed to prepare meals of the residents of this bungalow, including refrigerators, gas stoves, and other essentials. Rs. 500.00 should be paid to the caretaker of the circuit bungalow for one occasion for the fuel and electricity it costs and for each additional day Rs. 200.00 should be paid per day

02:4 Payment can be made at any Election Office in the island including the Head Office

02:5 If reservations have to be cancelled due to an urgent need of the Election Commission or the Government, the amount charged for the reservation will be refunded

02:6 Officers who have the formal permission of the Elections Commission to visit the Nuwara Eliya District Elections Office on duty should be provided with the room of the Nuwara Eliya Circuit Bungalow that can be entered from outside, free of charge if he / she have to stay at the Nuwara Eliya District Elections Office due to such official duties

03:1 The officer who has applied for accommodation at the lodge and obtained permission by the permit should stay with the persons named therein, and no other persons shall be allowed to stay. Maximum of three people can be accommodated in one room

03:2 If the Reserved Circuit Bungalow is not used, those who have reserved it should inform the Election Commission in writing 7 days prior to the scheduled date of stay. No refunds will be given for that purpose. If the reserved circuit bungalow is not used for any unavoidable reason, a request made to the Election Commission to replace the relevant date or time with any other date or relevant period that is vacant before the end of the relevant year will be considered

03:3 Priority will be given to the staff of the Commission in allocating this circuit bungalow for the months of April, August and December of each year.

03:4 Those who have reserved the bungalow should make sure to enjoy this accommodation in such a way as to protect everything in the premises, the building and everything in the building during the period during which they are permitted to stay there legally. Those who have reserved the bungalow should act in such a manner as to be notified by the Election Commission to repair any damage to anything on its premises or in the building during the time spent in the circuit bungalow

03:5 If a complaint is received against the occupants during their stay at the lodge, further reservations will not be considered

03:6 Anyone booking accommodation at this lodge is strictly prohibited from hosting parties and functions

03:7 If the occupants do not use the kitchen to prepare food, the caretaker of the lodge may be notified to arrange for food to be served outside.

03:8 Residents are also required to obtain a receipt for the fees paid to the caretaker under the above 2: 3 and 2: 4.

03:9 Residents are always expected to behave decently and disciplined within the lodge in accordance with the application form and the terms and conditions mentioned above, and it is the responsibility of each and every one of its occupants to use this safe and secure property.

04:1 After payment, a copy of the approved application (license) should be provided for inclusion in the circuit bungalow reservation book at the Nuwara Eliya Elections Office

04:2 Circuit bungalow fees should be credited to government revenue. Fees paid to the Circuit Bungalow Caretaker for gas and cleaning should be credited to the account by opening a bank account and, expenditure on maintenance of the circuit bungalow should be borne by that bank account when required.

04:3 Revenue and expenses for the circuit bungalow should be audited every three months by the Internal Auditor. It should focus on the expenses incurred by the above bank account.

04:4 Revenue and expenses for the circuit bungalow should be audited every three months by the Internal Auditor. It should focus on the expenses incurred by the above bank account.

04:5 If for any reason it is necessary to amend the conditions currently imposed on this circuit bungalow, the Election Commission will take the necessary steps in that regard